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Far better things ahead…

10 Oct

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.  -C.S. Lewis

I’ve read that quote hundreds of times, but I honestly don’t think it’s ever really hit me until just now.  I’ve always loved that quote, always known that no matter what happens, God is working all things for my good.  But tonight, sitting in my room, procrastinating, I read it again. And it was like God was telling me “Hey! THIS! This is what you need to be assured of!”

It’s been a hard adjustment, being in Raleigh, feeling like a real adult, missing Chapel Hill, missing friends, afraid of losing friends, not really ready to leave the college life, but knowing it’s time.  Feeling like I missed out on so many opportunities while I was in college. Feeling like “I’m not in college, I’ll never meet people or make friends because I’m not around people constantly anymore.”

And then I read this, and it really stuck out to me.  Raleigh was recently named the America’s best city to live in, and I’m here! There are so many opportunities waiting for me.  I’ve got a job where I get to play with kids all day in the heart of this city.   I may not be in Chapel Hill, but I have friends there, and can always visit, and they want me to! And they want to visit me! So, I may no longer be in Chapel Hill, but it will always be in my heart.  I’ll forever be a tar heel. I can wear my Carolina blue like the free expression tunnel wore Carolina blue this Friday night. I can get hate stares, but proudly share my loyalty with the wolfpack people. Change in location doesn’t mean I’m no longer tar heel born and bred.  I may miss friends, but I can always talk to them and visit and make sure they visit me and love them and make new friends.  And like I began this weekend, restore old friendships.  I can get involved in this area, maybe not with college students, but with real people, finally get out of the bubble I’ve been in for the past four years.

Everyone has so much to look forward to, it’s a waste to look back on the past and regret, with should haves and could haves.  God really does, and is, working all things out for my good.  John Piper says it like this…

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

God wants us to be happy, and we know the only way to true joy is in Him.  He longs to satisfies our souls.  We were made for Him.  Nothing I could have done in the past could change this truth, nothing else will fill my soul like God alone can.  Nothing can satisfy your soul like the Creator of the universe can.  And He wants to satisfy us.  Jesus Himself is concerned about joy of believers (John 17:13).  Obviously God wants us to find peace, and delighting in Him will lead us to fulfillment of the desires of our hearts.  He will become our hearts’ greatest desire.  I pray that I stop trying to find fulfillment in anything other than my God.  No man, no popularity, no grades, no job, nothing will bring joy like God will, like God WANTS to.

Let God fill your heart, and He will bring far better things into your life than anything in your past you have left behind.  And NOTHING you’ve done will make Him love you less.