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My baptism!

13 Apr

Saturday night, I was finally baptized.  Growing up in a church, I always knew what baptism meant. I knew that it was an important step.  I just kept putting it off. Before going to the Summit. the churches I attended required registering for getting baptized, or something similar.  At Summit, it was different.  So, for the past year, I’ve felt this urge every time they’ve done baptisms.  Very clearly the Holy Spirit telling me it was time. I almost got up at Church at the Ballpark to go down front.  But I didn’t, mainly because I knew my parents wanted to be thereI’ve been going to the Cary campus since it opened.  I got involved in a small group, and felt a sense of community at church I hadn’t felt in a long time.  This led me to begin serving on the First Time Guests team.   I knew when they were going to be doing baptisms, but I found reasons not to get baptized.  Never told my parents, so that was always the biggest excuse.

The week before Easter, I was going through a really rough time.  At church on the Sunday before Easter, during worship, I couldn’t hold it together. I was crying from the hurt.  But in those moments, I felt more accepted than I ever had as the smiling cheerful person I usually am, people were legitimately concerned.  People I barely know. And that was the moment I knew.  The next week, I told my parents I was getting baptized.  Upset that I was going to be in Burlington on Easter Sunday and therefore not able to be baptized at the Cary campus, but knowing that I shouldn’t put it off any longer, I knew Saturday was the night to finally get baptized.  My parents came, my sisters came, two of my best friends came.  They all took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate this with me.  I was so excited waiting I could barely stand.  So many people I had never met congratulated me.  I guess the wet hair was a giveaway.  I felt like a part of a family in amazing ways, and I couldn’t stop smiling for hours after my baptism. It was certainly a time for celebration.

Thanks, Summit Church, for making me feel so loved, not only Saturday, but every minute I spend with any one of you.

And as they were going along the road they came to some water, and the eunuch said, “See, here is water! What prevents me from being baptized?” (Acts 8:36 ESV)


Oh Hell, where is your victory?

2 Apr

I am currently going through a 40 days of prayer guide through The Summit, and today was so wonderful and relevant to my life, but then again, when is the Word of God not relevant to life?  

“Oh friend, He is NEVER late.”  God’s timing is always perfect, and sometimes allowing pain to enter into life to realize just how great He is, and how pain is the building block that leads us closer to Him.  Looking back in my life, I can see that pain has been what has really taught me to draw nearer to God.  Because I have come to realize that God is the only one who will never fail me.  Family will fail me, Boys will fail me, Friends will fail me, Education will fail me.  God never fails.  I am really struggling in believing He has perfect timing though, I have been waiting and I don’t see a light up ahead.  But He is never late.  Jesus waited days to go to Mary and Martha after Lazarus died.  And while he waited, he wept with them.  

God is compassionate, He feels my pain, but there is a purpose in His allowing pain.  And then he can come and restore life to the darkest situations, like he restored life to Lazarus.  Jesus loves us, and weeps with us in our pain.  Praise the Lord that He does not allow us to hurt alone, but He gets down with us, wraps His arms around us, weeps with us.  And in time, works His miracles.  

It’s hard to understand his timing, but I will trust it.  I will trust Him.  For He knows more and cares more about my life than I ever could.  He can conquer every pain, he can perform miracles, but first, I have to give that pain to Him.  I have to believe He is capable of miracles.  He asked “do you believe?” before he brought Lazarus back to life.  Do I believe that He can work miracles for me?