Something about teaching

29 Aug

So, I’ve been student teaching for three whole days now.  I haven’t even led a class.  I’ve only given placement tests and observed students.  But there’s just something about being a teacher.  The students just look at me like a superhero.  You can see the respect in their eyes.  And I think it’s even more special in the field of special education.  We’ll get the students who have been given up on in traditional school the students who are just expected to fall behind.  They hate school, but yet I think they seem to look forward to coming to the Resource class. This is a class where they are at the same level as other students, where they are expected to learn and succeed.  They confide in us.  It’s just so awesome.  I am so excited to be teaching.  I am so excited to inspire and be inspired.  I am so excited to touch the lives of kids and be touched by these kids.

I have students with IQs in the 60s, I have students on the autism spectrum, I have students with ADHD, I have students with learning disabilities.  I have all types of students, and I am already blessed by each of them.

And the King will answer them “Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to Me. ~Matthew 25:40


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